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Part of my story

Creator and passionate about handmade jewelry

Vintage Soul, Classic Charm, Mother Nature, Enchanted Fauna, Celestial Illusion, Precious Stones and even Modern Witch, the bohemian spirit has never left me since I was young. Passionate about jewelry and nature, I share with you through the site various creative jewelry ideas that are best inspired by nature.
Appreciate my original hand-crafted pieces, delicately cut following precise design standards to give you perfect jewelry to wear every day according to your expectations and desires.


Jewelry, reflections of our personality

A piece of jewelry is much more than a simple accessory to hang on your wrist, around your neck, to put on your hands or your ears. Wearing a piece of jewelry is wearing a collector's item that looks like you, that reflects your tastes and your personality. I understood it from the moment I put my first ring on my finger, my first pendant necklace and my favorite earrings.
Jewelry defines our style, preferences and strengths. Through the site, I focus on being close to my clients so that each of them can find the perfect jewelry that can highlight their personalities and tastes. I am personally committed to it.

Nature as a source of inspiration

Wearing jewelry gives me a feeling of great well-being. I feel the same serenity as when I am in contact with nature during walks in the forests with Pash, my dog ​​or when I contemplate the moon and the starry sky from my bedroom window. Surely you too have already felt these pleasant sensations when you connected with nature.
I was inspired by these feelings in the design of the jewelry offered on the site. Your Maiya jewelry preserves this natural side, reminding us to what extent the environment around us is sufficient to provide us with well-being and serenity. I even tell you that since I started to set up my own jewelry design business, I feel more free, less anxious and more fulfilled than ever.
I hope that through my collections of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and natural pendants, you will arrive at the same state of mind in which I am currently.

My story as witness to the values ​​of our jewelry

Ever since I was little, I have always felt drawn to manual arts. Besides, my mother's offices were always filled with everything from fabrics, colored beads and scraps of paper for a thousand and one projects. I grew up in this atmosphere and later I naturally went to study art. These last seemed too classic and conventional to me that I decided to stop everything for a real job that fascinates me and which suits me.
Later, I found work with a restaurant that advocated ethics and ecology. Although this job awakened the eco-responsible spirit that had always been hidden in me, I lacked personal fulfillment. At that moment, I remembered the manual arts my mother was doing when I was a kid.
And after a brief reflection, I took the plunge to start working semi-precious stones like Labradorite to fashion them into timeless jewelry to wear for various occasions. This is how Maiya Bijoux was born in 2019.
At the start, I juggled my position as restaurant manager and my new jewelry micro-business. Then a bit of time passed and I decided to leave everything to focus mainly on my passion: creating jewelry inspired by nature, unique collector's items that looks like me and that looks like you.

And this story is now being written with you.